New Board New Life to the BSO retirees Association

Welcome to the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree Association

Welcome to the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree Association

Welcome to the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree AssociationWelcome to the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree AssociationWelcome to the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree Association

About Us


Who are we


Welcome to the association of retired 

Broward Sheriff's Office personnel.  Open to all past employees who have retired honorably from  the offices of Detention, Fire Rescue & Law Enforcement


Why an association

When we were working, we were represented by FOP, PBA, IUPA, Etc. When we retired, who represents us? The answer is the Broward County Sheriff's Office Retiree  Association. BSORA 


Close the deal

Remember, there is strength in numbers. Should the need arise to have an organized front, BSORA is our representative (if you are a member). If you are not a member, think about becoming a member.  This group is also open to the fire rescue retirees. Please give us a try

The New Board has taken the reins

The Time has Come


Good news concerning BSO Retirees Association, it lives!!
Following our last message explaining the dire position BSORA was in and at the time of the General Meeting and Reunion no one was willing to take the leadership of BSORA, some brave souls stepped up to take the reins.  So the good news is that we have a fresh new slate of officers for the Executive Board:, Jay Leiner has stepped up and will be the new President along with Kevin Bolling as VP, Craig Buttery as VP, Donna Fleming as Treasurer, and Deenie Ewing as Secretary . The Board was ever so hopeful that this great organization would not end, the scholarships and donations are very important and benefit many. So we have started working on the transition.

Thank you to all of the new BSORA Executive Board and we all wish you the best of luck !!!

So it's time to support your new leadership. You can start by paying your dues for next year and encouraging others to join. We especially need more Detention and Fire, as well as civilians from all departments.


Your Outgoing Executive Board

Thanks all,


Our Misson


  1. Promote the general welfare of our retirees. 2. Promote law enforcement, respect for authority and suppression of criminal activity. 3. To assist in the development and implementation of crime prevention programs.  4. To assist persons in need.  5. To provide educational scholarships. 


  6. To encourage tolerance of every kind.  


 7. To cooperate with civic organizations and promote such civic, charitable and educational undertakings as this Association shall deem proper.  


 Our Association, granted IRS exemption under 501 (c) (3), 

was established as a not-for-profit organization.  

All honorably retired and DROP members of the Broward Sheriff's Office (BSO), regardless of sworn or civilian status, are eligible to become members, and they are more than welcome.

There is no rank structure in being a retiree, and there are no structures within our organization. Being somewhat unique in having many of our members in different parts of the State and Country, the advent of electronic communication through the use of emails, etc., makes everyone only minutes away in one manner or another.  

Committees will be necessary to form and require Chairmanship.  We will have many upcoming business/social meetings, to address the official needs of our members.  We would like to see as many that want to get involved to do so.  

The BSORA can only be as strong and as noticed as you want it to be!!

 Become part of it and help make us grow into a professional, recognized association.  


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.