New Board New Life to the BSO retirees Association

BSO Retiree's Reunion Banquet

Announcing the Eighth

BSO Retiree's Reunion Banquet

October 19th 2019

The Invited include all

Retiree's & Drop BSO Personnel

and Their Guests

Come Join us for a night of memories and fun. The night begins with an hour of cocktails and conversation with those you haven't seen in ages. After that, dinner will be served in the banquet room with the "Trip through Time".  The presentation through dinner will provide endless conversations of the days gone by.  These moments sent in by you will be shown for fun and exciting per table contest. 

Cocktail Hour starts at 6:00 pm & Dinner starts @ 7:00 pm 

Cash Bar available for the Cocktail Hour and Dinner

Self Parking Vouchers paid by BSORA!

(Parking Voucher sent via email when reservation payment received)

 In lieu of mailing a check you can  pay by PayPal by clicking the button below. This does not require a membership for PayPal just a credit card,

or mail checks and/or money orders to cover the $45.00 per person should be made out to BSORA and all monies must be received by October 1st. 

Mail to:


P. O. BOX 494727

Port Charlotte, FL. 33949

Reservations can be made through Embassy Suites,  our code is BSO for the room rate. This rate is good for Thursday through Saturday. If you need a room please do so early as there is a cap and Deadline

Please help us contact any retirees who do not have email to share the info about the reunion, whether members or not they are welcome to attend and funds are available if members need assistance with price of a ticket.

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“To Help Those in Time of Need, Especially Our Own”

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Submission Rules are as follows:

Child,  Stepchild, Grandchild or Step-Grandchild of BSORA Member (Explain Relationship)

3.5 GPA or Higher

Email Letter from Member nominating their Family Member

Email Letter from Applicant outlining Community Service and Future Goals 

Deadline for Submission is

Open for 2019 


Email Letters submitted to:


Executive Board Members will vote and select Winners




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Dear BSORA Members, Many of you have already heard about the retirement pay out arbitration which held against BSO and for the IUPA member filing the grievance. Please know that your Executive Board is looking into how this affects all the rest of the retirees and what steps must be taken to remedy the situation. There is also a pension (FRS or City) aspect so not only would there be remedy for the payout itself but also for the reported salary information to the pension which could increase your monthly check. Please be patient and check back here for updates.

The Federal Mediation is below for reading.

BSORA Executive Board

Federal Mediation Decision

Federal Mediation PDF
PBA Request to the Sheriff

Friends of Ours That help

Anyone needing help with Healthcare Issues can contact Liz 

Liz Martorella

(954) 290-3091

She is a great resource and aid in working out Insurance coverages

Please mention our name when you contact her.

The wife and better half of Lou

The Medicare presentation at the luncheon is included as a PDF in the documents section.  
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BSORA Annual meeting minutes


 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM     Cocktail Hour
6:30 PM                      Seating for Dinner

Present:  President John Lawless, First Vice President Dennis Creamer, Second Vice President George Ferguson, Treasurer Eileen Forrester, Social Coordinator Janice Creamer, Recording Secretary Carol Sclar, and Harriet Schroeder.

Invited Guests Who Could Not Attend:  Sheriff Scott Israel, Sheriff Al and Holly Lamberti, Sheriff Bob Butterworth, Pastor Jake and Elaine Brey, Sharron Navarro.  All sent appreciation for being invited and wished everyone a wonderful evening.

The meeting was opened at 7:00 PM by President John Lawless, who welcomed everyone to the Seventh BSORA Reunion.

Dennis expressed his regrets that Pastor Jake Brey, BSORA Chaplain, and his wife Elaine, could not attend, and Dennis gave the Invocation, followed by a Blessing before the meal.

John discussed the insurance change from Coventry to Aetna this year, resulting in a better pricing structure.  There was a 1.8% saving with a better coverage system.  His question to the group regarding any specific problems resulted in no detrimental comments.  John suggested that anyone having questions during the  coming enrollment contact Liz Martorella.

A motion was made by Donna Fleming to waive the Minutes of the 2016 General Meeting.  The motion was seconded by Dennis Creamer and was unanimously approved.

General Elections:  Mike Slusher proceeded with the 2017 General Election.  Nominations for write-In candidates were asked for from the membership.  No nominations were received from the floor, and since the current President, 1st VP and 2nd VP were willing to serve another two year term, the present officers will stand.

Eileen Forrester then gave the Financial Report.  She indicated that the dues brought in $6820; merchandise $960, an additional donation by Mary Heim of $500, bringing total assets to $17,145.75.  One $500 scholarship was awarded to David Reignierd, and there were the normal expenses for a Post Office Box fee $130, State of Florida fee $61.25, Go Daddy Website fees $90.22, office supplies $174.43, Postage $112.09, purchase of merchandise for sale $1,816.57, shipping and handling of merchandise $85, and miscellaneous items $220 (gift cards, get well/sympthy cards, Publix gift).  Total debts as of 04/30/16 were $3,189.56, and donations for 2015-2016 totaled $6,600.  The balance on account as of 04/30/2017 was $7,356.19.

The donations made by BSORA included:
National Law Enforcement Memorial $ 1,000
Broward Memorial (until completed) 1,000
COPS                 1,000
Honor Flight of Broward County, FL 1,000
Dallas Assist the Officer Foundation 1,000
Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch            500
Make A Wish of Broward County    500
ZZ Memorial Scholarship to David Reignierd            500
Florida Sheriff's Association Gold Membership         100

The balance in the account as of April 30, 2017 was $7,356.19.

Membership was asked to email the Board with the names of any charities close to them so that we could consider making contributions.

John advised the membership that the Ziggy Zablocki Scholarship Fund would be increased to $1,000 from $500, and if they had any children or grandchildren who qualified, we would like to hear from them.  Flyers are available for the Ziggy Zablocki Memorial Scholarship.

Additions were made to the By-Laws, as follows:
Section 2 – Associate Membership was added.  It states that any former BSO employee who served honorably for at least 10 years under favorable circumstances and has no criminal background since departing could become an Associate Member at the discretion of the Executive Board.  They would have all privileges of active members, except they would have no voting authority and could not hold the office of President or Vice President.
Section 3 – Affiliate Membership was also added to the By-Laws.  It states that any representative of any company, organization, business, or philanthropic endeavor known or believed to be beneficial to the best interests and objectives of the Association, and who contributes an annual sum of not less than that of an active membership fee, and is not less than 18 years of age, is eligible for membership as an Affiliate Member, at the discretion of the Executive Board.  Affiliate Members would have the privileges of active members, except they would have no voting authority and could not hold the office of President or Vice President.    

Five spouses advised us that they are grateful for our emails.

John asked the membership if they thought a better time of year or place for our next reunion would bring a larger crowd.  There were no suggestions.

John then advised the group that we have partnered with “Amazon Smile”.   BSORA will receive 5% of everything you order, and we receive the percentage of sales quarterly.   The site is  

John stated that effective June 1st, 2017, the password has been changed to  blueline2017.

He mentioned that FRS has never changed anything for the retirees.  Since there is unity in strength, it is imperative that we stay together to counter anything they may want to change in the future.  

Dennis then discussed his problems with identity theft.  He praised LifeLock and handed out brochures with information for enrolling in the program.  

As dinner was served, George began the picture presentation on a large screen in the banquet hall and, as everyone enjoyed their dinner, they were able to reminisce with pictures from the past to the present.

George presented the tables with a challenge of naming every Sheriff who held the post in Broward County.  The table that correctly named the most would win a prize.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed this aspect of the evening.

Prizes were also given to Tom Sheridan and Mary Benivegna who had the lowest CCNs at the reunion.

Raffles were next on the agenda and winners were pulled and given prizes.  

Evening was concluded with another enjoyable video presentation by George.

Respectfully Submitted,

Carol Sclar
Recording Secretary 

Charity Drives Supported

 The donations made by BSORA included:
National Law Enforcement Memorial $ 1,000
Broward Memorial (until completed) $1,000
COPS                                                                  1,000
Honor Flight of Broward County, FL   $1,000
Dallas Assist the Officer Foundation   $1,000
Florida Sheriff's Youth Ranch            $500
Make A Wish of Broward County       $500
ZZ Memorial Scholarship
to David Reignierd                                      $500
Florida Sheriff's Association Gold Membership                                                   $100 

Downloads for Members

The new Medicare presention is absolutely great  for those getting close to 65!